Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire!

For as along as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a metal detector. As a child, I remember going to a good friend’s home and I would always see his metal detector sitting in his closet and I would say, “Hey, let’s take that out and find some stuff!” His response was always, “Nah, that’s boring and I’ve never found anything good with it,” and we’d go on to riding our bikes or skateboards or just wasting time. Just as any kid would do, Christmas time would come around and I would get distracted and I would forget to ask for a metal detector and about the middle of January, I would kick myself for not focusing my energy on leaving hints for my parents, letting them know that I desparately wanted one.

I’m a grown man; physically anyway, and the vicious cycle has repeated itself….until now! Paycheck after paycheck after paycheck, I would find myself buying things I wanted, all the while, this seed of desire, was forgotten but still growing in the back of my mind. After getting married and having children, I would spend my hard earned check, providing for my wife and children, making sure all of their needs and most of their wants were taken care of. Don’t get me wrong, I still meet the needs of my family, BUT, my time has come! I have jumped off the ledge into the Amazon. Actually, I ordered my new metal detector on

Since making this fateful leap to get online and order my treasure hunting tool, I spent days, gathering intel, mapping out locations, and determining where my time and energy will be the most well spent. I spent hours watching YouTube videos of other treasure hunters, learning from their mistakes and garnering a wealth of knowledge that I would soon put to use in my own treasure hunting adventures.

Shortly after making my order, I told my Uncle Bob about my newly rediscovered interest and the first words from his mouth were, “I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A METAL DETECTOR!” It was then that I knew that my Uncle Bob would be my partner in treasure hunting and my initial plan was to order his metal detector as well. Luckily, while in conversation with my Aunt Yolanda (who was visiting from Alaska) she said, “let me buy Bob’s metal detector. I didn’t get him anything for his last birthday.” Although our metal detectors were ordered several days apart, they arrived on the same day.

I opened mine at my father’s home and it was like Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to pop in the 9-volt batteries and take it for a test drive in my father’s back yard. As I was skipping toward my father’s back yard with my new toy, I realized that my father would not appreciate me making his back yard look like a gopher had run rampant through it and I decided to wait until I got back to my own home. I wrapped the box containing Uncle Bob’s metal detector (in Christmas paper because it was all that I had) and I proceeded to take it to him at my sister’s home (where we were all planning on having a garage sale). I’m in my 40’s. Bob is in his 50’s. It’s a funny thing to hear two men, as they are cutting open boxes and peering into the first folded back piece of cardboard, say “AWESOME!” As Bob made that comment, my response, “That’s what I said when I opened mine!”  

Within a few days, our first trip was planned. It was going to be a short trip just to the other side of the bridge, to North Beach. I walked down the beach in one direction while Bob went in the other direction. We did this because, unlike me, Bob read the manual and it said not to use two detectors in close proximity to one another. As I walked closer to the water’s edge, Bob stayed about 20 yards from the water, well into the loose sand. My detector wasn’t making a sound but every couple minutes, in the distance, I would hear Bob’s detector, “Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep.” I would look back at Bob and he would be kneeling down, digging up his new discoveries. In my frustration, I knew it was time to change my game plan.

I walked away from the surf, methodically swinging my detector head back and forth, always parallel to the ground, about 2 inches away from the sand. I was 15 yards from the surf, when it happened. “BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…BEEP!” It was like music to my ears. Whatever it was, it was not only in one spot. It was covering a square area about 2 feet wide. I got down on my knees and started gently scraping away the sand (so as not to damage my new found treasure). Nothing. I ran the detector over the sp0t again. “BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…BEEP!” Two inches down. Nothing. “BEEP…BEEP…BEEP!” Four inches down. Six inches down. Nothing. “BEEP…BEEP…BEEP!” I kept digging. Eight inches down. Nothing. A foot down. The hole was becoming larger and my digging became more and more frantic. I noticed that Bob was moving in my direction to see what I had discovered. I kept digging. The pile of sand was growing  ever higher. “BEEP…BEEP…BEEP!” Still there. Fourteen inches down. Nothing. I was digging frantically, picturing in my mind, a chest of some sort; full of coins or some other riches. Who knows how long ago settlers or pirates had come to this beach, burying their valuables, later losing their maps and now… their treasure was mine! The space was about the size of a chest, I thought. It was a perfectly reasonable thought…at the time.

As my mind continued in this fantasy, I hit what I was desparately unearthing. A collection of beer cans and bottles, some group of idiots obviously burying them there to taunt me! Knowing that a treasure hunter, just like myself, would be coming along to clean up their mess! Regardless, the haul was not that great. It seems treasure hunting is not my forte, but either way, next weekend….the hunt continues.


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